Reach your Students

Deliver the School News in a much more optimal format than you've used in the past, through a Mobile App on iPhone and Android!

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Increase Spirit

Increase the spirit of your Student Body by showcasing everything that the school has to offer, and drive engagement to school events.

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School Announcements

Now, the main office can input the regular school announcements into a distinct section in the App, where students can read them.

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What happens when you order your Skule News App product?

Ordering your own App product isn't like ordering off Amazon. It's more like ordering a private section for your school only within the overall Skule News app.

  • It will only take us a few hours to setup your school's section of the Skule News account.
  • Once done, your Student Newspaper staff will have access to a web admin backend where they can publish articles.
  • We'll also set you up with Onboarding Instructions so that you can promote the App to the students at your school, including a QR code and a link to send out so that installing the app is seamless for your students.



Your readers can zone in on the category feed that interest them, or simply view the general feed.


Click on any article listed in the feed, and up will come the article itself ready for viewing!


Read the School Announcements right from the App rather than listen to that annoying announcer on the morning PA system!

Save Your Favs

Want to come back to your favorite articles later on? Just click Save and they will be in your Fav list!






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