If you compare most any high school between what life was like 30 years ago as to what it looks like today, one of the stark differences is that School Newspapers used to exist in paper format. Yes, IN PAPER! Horrible, I know. These days, students consume everything through their smartphone devices…iPhone and Android…which is why School Newspapers are not as prominent as they once were. Simply put, the App revolution has not come to School Newspapers yet, therefore causing an overall decline worldwide with respect to student news readership.

Reasons for this are many, but we can point out that the primary reason for Apps not being generally provided by School Newspapers is that the cost is prohibitive. Programming costs for App Developers are much higher than Website Developers, putting an App out of reach of high schools. What we’ve done here at Skule Apps is to reduce that cost by coding and reusing an “App Engine” for all School Newspaper Apps, therefore lowering the cost to the point where most high schools can now consider such an App. Now, there’s no more barrier to delivering the School News on mobile!

Skule News App

With Advanced Features such as News, Events, Videos and more, the Skule News App gets the job done for your student body. Use the power of the App to increase engagement at school events of all types, and raise your school spirit to the heights it deserves!