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Skule News Use Cases

Here are a few great Use-Cases of sectors that Skule News can be used for.

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High Schools

Currently, 97% of high schools across the USA and Canada are still using either a paper-based student newspaper and/or a website. Neither of these are appealing to teenagers in this day and age. Simply put, teens consume through an app…which makes Skule News a great choice to deliver your news to the student body at your school!


Although some Colleges and Universities are starting to publish apps, there’s still approx 80% of post-secondary schools across North America that have not moved their student newspaper over to an app platform. Post-secondary students share in common with high school students the habit of consuming through an app, which makes paper and website school newspapers essentially a lost opportunity for engagement.

Not a High School or a College/University?

Talk to us about your use-case, and we’l be happy to discuss with you.

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